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  It is believed that God always behaves ideal. So almost our all myths when tell us about God’s incarnation as a human being, they draw His character as ideal in His childhood and in young age also. Only,God Krishna is shown as behaving according to the age like a human being. From His childhood and in His throughout whole life, there is a mischievousness, which is very much liked by all human beings. Perhaps so, everyone feels more attachment for Krishna. Because, even in old age also even an ideal and disciplined human being likes mischievousness, though he himself could never behave so. In childhood, Krishna played fully with his friends, even stole curd and butter from milkmaid's houses with friends. At the same time, being God, he killed many monsters also. In young age, He played “Rasleela”with the milkmaid's. When He helped Arjuna to marry with His sister Subhadra, very mischievously he deceived Balaram. It means God Krishna is the best combination of God and human be
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 Some days ago, I have heard and seen a very different news on news channel. Always, we see and experience the love of a mother for the babies. Then the mother can be human being or other animals. Such mother never differs in her own child and the babies of any other category. So sometimes, in our surroundings, we can see a human being mother loves and feeds an animal baby. And an animal mother brings up a human baby. It is really admirable but not unbelievable. I saw the news that a tiger baby- a cub, at night entered in a house, saw a human mother sleeping on a cot in a mosquito net with her baby. The cub also slept near that baby and that mother on that cot in the mosquito net. That cub slept there so soundly that his sleep didn't disturb while that mother awake and carried her baby outside the house and shut the door and locked up that cub. Perhaps that cub envied that human baby’s luck to sleep so comfortably with mother and so the cub also tried to get that comfort. Moreove


It is believed that the human being is God’s special creation. Because God gave a fully developed brain to human being.  And on the strength of this intelligence, human being made his life easier and more comfortable than other animals. Again on this strength of this intelligence, he uses all other animals to work for him. Now a day, it is admitted fact that every person has a common sense to think about what is good or bad for himself. Moreover, now media is playing an active role to aware even the illiterate  person living far away from city also, about the hidden truth behind the political incidents. Yet, when mob mortgages his brain and does destructive deeds,it irritates.When the mob burns buses in strike period, why don't they think that the public transport department of govt. will increase the price of passenger tickets and will compensate their loss. Means, ultimately we, the all public will have to pay the compensation.      In last week,we all were watching the disa


Through previous three articles, I explained my feelings of gratefulness towards my good and ideal teachers. Their ideal yet loving nature influenced me. At the same time, though I was unaware, a teacher in my personality was taking shape. Though I hadn't chosen teaching job, when we started Nursery class of English medium, occasionally, I had to work as an honorary teacher. In that school, I never got a single naya paisa, but I achieved so much love by my students, which can't be counted in money. In the beginning period of our school’s foundation, whenever, the teacher of our nursery class was absent, I used to go in the school as a teacher. At that time, many parents gave me compliments that whenever their son or daughter was noticing that for that day I was their teacher, they were eager to come in classroom without saying goodbye to their parents. On a day, when I visited the class,in the presence of their teacher, many students in that class, stood up and embraced me as


  After my graduation, there was a gap of ten years in my education. During these ten years, I got married and I wanted to settle in my in-laws, moreover after my marriage, I had two issues. So, it was necessary for me, to give full time for my family. Yet, without any planning or not with any purpose, however,I started social work. In this new field, there was one ideal person--Dalal Madam. Infact, I entered in social work only because of this Dalal Madam. She always guided me and always helped me in my social work. We found a private primary school, as well as, we worked together in our Mahila-Mandal for many years. So, in my life, Dalal Madam became a Guru, guide as well as my close friend also.      After this gap of ten years, we, means I and my husband decided for my further education. I wanted to become a lawyer, my husband also liked it, he encouraged me,yet I had no confidence about my capacity. So I was hesitating and avoiding to take admission in law college. At that ti


 In last week,I have started the topic--Tribute to teachers. But,as in my life,I met many too good teachers,I must continue the topic. Till, we were learning in tenth class, sometimes, we all students from my class, were insisting our some specific teachers to relieve us for playing on ground or for telling us any story in the period. And the teachers were indulging it. When I was learning in eighth class, my father was our class-teacher. In the beginning of the year, I was in tension that if my father would punish the students in my class, those students would take revenge on me. But, such never happened. My father never punished us, and he became their favourite teacher. At that time I realised that the students in our whole school, were honouring my father not because of fear, but to show the respect towards him.             When I was learning in the tenth class, there was Kotwal madam to teach us Sanskrit. She was of so nice nature and she mixed with me and my friends as i


           In everyone's life, after parents, the teachers have an important role. Generally, for discipline and for the compulsion of study, in childhood, none likes school nor study. Again, before fifty years,the schools and the study was not at all attractive like today. Yet, in such days, in my whole academic life, I met many loving teachers. Perhaps, I was good in study,so, even in my primary school also our teachers never punished me.In first and second class, Wani madam was our teacher and I and my friends used to go to our madam’s house to play. So we never feared about her. This is true that she also behaved very lovingly and softly with me. Infact, till fourth class, I was not aware about my first number in class. In those days, only Z.P.’s primary school was available in our town. So there were no awards for the first number in class. But afterward, when I became grown up, my mother told me about my first number.        In fifth class, I entered in high- school. In